GameFly In 2020(Best Console Game Rentals?)

GameFly Review

What Is GameFly?

GameFly is an online video game rental subscription service that provides games for video game consoles and handheld consoles. GameFly has been around since 2002 and remain one of the biggest and best ways to rent console games.


GameFly offers subscribers the ability to rent games for multiple consoles, both current and retro. Currently, GameFly offers rentals for the following systems:

GameFly also offers movie rentals with your subscription for multiple different formats. These movie formats are: Blue Ray and DVD

GameFly’s game selection is very impressive. They seems to have most North American version of games released for the consoles above. GameFly boasts a very impressive collection of games for previous console generations such as the Playstation 2 and GameBoy Advance.

How Does GameFly Work?

GameFly works as a subscription service. The subscriber chooses their subscription plan. Once their plan is confirmed they are free to choose from thousands of games from the consoles listed above. The subscriber chooses their game and within a few days the game will be mailed to the subscriber. The subscriber is then free to keep that game as long as they would like, no late fees! When they are done, the subscriber would them mail the game back to GameFly and then they are free to choose their next game. Should the subscriber decide that they love the game they have played and would like to keep it, they can choose an option on GameFly’s website and buy the game at a discounted price.

GameFly Review 2020

How Long Does it take to receive games from GameFly?

It generally takes 2 days to receive games from GameFly after placing your order. It will then take another two days to ship your game back to GameFly. GameFly will provide you with a prepaid envelope to return your games. Should you lose your prepaid envelope you can request a new one on GameFly’s support page.

Ease Of Use

GameFly is extremely easy to use and very accesible. GameFly offers a web based version as well as an app for IOS and Android. The web version is very straight forward. Once you have signed up for a plan you just navigate to the console that you would like to rent a game for. Browse for your game. Rent. Wait. Enjoy. It is that simple. You can search with through the most popular games or if you have a specific game in mind you can search for it in the search bar.

The app operates in the same way but features a sleek and easy to use interface, allowing users to find and rent games quickly, even while on the go.


GameFly offers two tiers to their subscription service.

Plan DescriptionCost Per MonthCost Per 3 Months
1 Game or Movie out at a time$15.95$9.50
2 Games or Movies out at a time$22.95$13.50

GameFly also offers new subscribers a 30 day free trial. You can cancel this trial at any time. If you choose not to cancel, it is $15.95 per month after your trial ends.


GameFly have excellent customer service that include multiple ways to get support for any issues you may run into with their service. You can place a support ticket via their online help desk. If you would like to email GameFly’s support directly this is also an option. One of my favorite features is that they have a dial in support line so you can get assistance with a much faster response time.

GameFly Review 2020

User Reviews

User reviews for GameFly are generally favorable with them sitting at 4 stars on GameFly has 4.7 stars on the IOS App Store and 4.5 stars on the Google Play store. The most favorable reviews are usually about how easy and convent the service is to use. Many of the reviewers liken GameFly to the Netflix of game rentals. The more critical reviews tend to be people having issues while using the app.

GameFly Review 2020
GameFly Review 2020

Our Final Thoughts

Is GameFly still worth using in 2020?

GameFly still remains of of the most well known and easy to use online video game rental services that any console gamer should use in 2020. From their large selection of console game and movies, their flexible subscription plans and their risk free 30 day trial, GameFly is a must for any console gamer.



Game Selection


Ease of Use







  • Large Game Selection
  • Easy to use Website and Apps
  • Flexible Pricing for Subscriptions


  • 2 Day Wait to Receive Games
  • Can only have a max of 2 games out at once

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